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Divisions in the Department of Finance

Corporate Management

The Corporate Management line of business includes the Directorate, Internal Audit Services, Liquor Enforcement and Inspections and the Nunavut Liquor Commission. The Directorate provides overall direction in the delivery of all Department of Finance programs and policies, as well as supports the Minister and the Public Agencies Council (PAC). The Directorate also negotiates, monitors and manages the fiscal arrangements with the federal government. Internal Audit provides the departments and agencies of the GN with independent and objective assurance and consulting activities designed to add value and improve the GN’s operations.


Policy, Planning and Financial Management

The Policy, Planning and Financial Management line of business includes Corporate Policy, Fiscal Policy, Expenditure Management and Corporate Services. Policy and Planning provides policy support to the Minister, the department and public agencies. It also negotiates, monitors and manages the fiscal arrangements with the federal government. Expenditure Management provides analytical support to Financial Management Board, manages the annual budget development process and provides the treasury function. Corporate Services provides departmental financial, administrative and human resources support.


The Comptrollership line of business includes Financial Systems Management, Financial Reporting and Controls, Financial Operations, Compensation and Benefits, Staffing and Recruitment, Employee Relations and Job Evaluation and Regional Operations. Comptrollership provides an accountability framework and systems that support the decentralized administration of GN mandates through the development and management of GN financial and human resource processes. These processes include revenue and expenditure functions as well as managing the human resources function including position development, recruitment and retention, payroll and benefits, employee and union relations, as well as workplace health, safety and wellness. Comptrollership also establishes and manages the form and content of the financial records and Public Accounts.