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Laws and Regulations

The Department of Finance is responsible for the laws listed below, as well as the regulations made under them.

This list does not include acts of limited duration, such as the annual appropriation acts, or acts that no longer apply.

You can view and download Nunavut’s laws, regulations and other statutory instruments directly from the Department of Justice’s website. If you notice a missing document or broken link, please contact the Department of Justice directly.


Acts for which the Department of Finance is responsible

June 2020

  • Beneficiaries Designation Act (Retirement, Savings and Other Plans)
  • Borrowing Authorization Act
  • Cannabis Act
  • Chartered Professional Accountants Act
  • Credit Union Act
  • Financial Administration Act
  • Financial Agreement Act
  • Income Tax Act
  • Income Tax Collection Agreement Questions Act
  • Insurance Act
  • Liquor Act
  • Payroll Tax Act, 1993
  • Petroleum Products Tax Act
  • Public Service Garnishee Act
  • Purchasing Management Association Act
  • Revolving Funds Act
  • Risk Capital Investment Tax Credits Act
  • Tobacco Tax Act