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Our mission, vision and values


Mission and Vision

We are a new department that brings together programs and services that support families. We are in the process of developing a new mission and vision statement that will define who we are and what we do in accordance with our core values.



  • We believe in respecting others, nurturing relationships and caring for people.
  • We believe that the wellbeing of Nunavut depends on the wellbeing of each of its physical, social, economic, and cultural communities.
  • We believe that ready access to the government and its programs is essential to good government that is inclusive and welcomes the participation of citizens in planning the future.
  • We believe that as communities, and as a government, we are connected and reliant on each other to care for those in need.
  • We believe that it is only by developing a culture of lifelong learning that Nunavummiut can achieve their full potential.

Latest News

16 February 2018 
If you are receiving Income Assistance, you must file your income tax return to ensure you receive...
07 February 2018 
The Department of Family Services is now accepting proposals for targeted employment and training...
02 November 2017 
The Department of Family Services is now accepting proposals for targeted employment and training...
30 October 2017 
Would you like to develop skills that will help you find employment?
20 October 2017 
National Foster Family Week started October 16. The Department of Family Services wants to thank...
24 July 2017 
The Department of Family Services is now accepting funding proposals for community-based projects...
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Foster Parenting   What is the role of a foster parent? Foster parents (foster families) provide a nurturing environment for a child that is unable to remain in their family home.
Fact Sheet Burial Coverage In certain, specific circumstances, the Government of Nunavut is responsible for burials. Who is covered? Individuals under the care of the Department of
What is a Productive Choice? A Productive Choice is the name given to any activity that will benefit the community or develop your skills to be as independent as possible. Productive Choices can

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