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Nunavut Child Benefit (NUCB)

The Nunavut Child Benefit (NUCB) provides low-income families with monthly payments to assist with the cost of raising children. The NUCB is fully funded by the Government of Nunavut and administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.


To qualify, your family must have earned income of at least $3,750 in the previous year. Eligible participants receive up to $275 per year for the first child and $75 for the second child.


The amounts you receive are combined with the Canada Child Tax Benefit into a single monthly, non-taxable payment to qualifying families with children under 18 years of age.


The Nunavut Child Benefit is a cash benefit paid to families with a net income of $20,921 or less.  These families receive $330 per year for each eligible child under the age of 18 living at home.


The Territorial Worker’s Supplement (TWS) is an additional cash benefit paid to working families with children under the age of 18 living at home.


In order to determine whether you qualify for these benefits administered under the Canada Child Tax Benefit program, you must file your yearly tax returns.



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A toll-free enquiries service is available at the following numbers:

1-800-387-1193 (for service in English)

1-800-387-1194 (for service in French)


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