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Guide to in-demand career options

15 August 2016 

Public Service Announcement

Guide to in-demand career options

There’s a new guide to give Nunavummiut better labour market information.

The Department of Family Service’s In-Demand Career Options in Nunavut highlights Nunavut’s most in-demand career opportunities, and provides detailed information on the education, training and skills needed for those jobs.

The guide gives the most recent information on key labour market statistics, like territorial employment, unemployment and participation rates.

Making labour market information available is part of a coordinated strategy to provide students and job seekers with accessible, local information to help make informed decisions about their education and careers. This guide is also useful for employers and career counsellors.

To download a copy of the guide and other labour market information tools and resources, please visit:


Media contact:

Jade Owen
Communications Specialist
Department of Family Services