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Department of Family Services Q&A - November 4, 2019, 7 p.m. Updates

05 November 2019

Department of Family Services Q&A 

Will Family Services offices be open? 

• Yes, all Family Services offices will be open for regular business hours. 


Where do I call if I have questions about services of the Department of Family Services missing payments, or any other Family Services concerns? 

• Family Services has a public Relations line at 1-855-522-5201. 
• The Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students (FANS) contact number is 

1-877-860-0680, which is listed on the government of Nunavut website for Family Services. 


Will I still be paid my income assistance? 

• Income Assistance Workers will be able to issue food vouchers. To receive a food voucher, clients will have to attend the Income Assistance office in their community. 


How do I receive food vouchers? 

• Income Assistance Food Vouchers have been implemented across Nunavut today. 
• Where there is currently no Income Assistance Workers in a community, the local Community Social Service Worker will process food vouchers. 
• For Sanikiluaq, Family Services has made arrangements with the local stores until food vouchers are flown into the community. We thank the community for their patience during this time. 


Will I still be paid my student financial assistance? 

• Yes, the November payments have been processed. 
• There is a second November payment due out on the 15 and is expected to be on time. 


Can I still book my travel to my home community? 

• FANS students can still book their Christmas travel to their home communities. 
• If you are flying with Canadian North or Calm Air, contact them directly to make your booking. Tell them you are a FANS student and that your travel will be paid for by the Government of Nunavut. Your itinerary will need to be faxed to 1 877 860 0167. 
• If you are flying with Air Canada or Westjet, contact the FANS office directly at 1 877 860 0680 to give them the dates you want to travel. The FANS office will book your travel for you. 
• If you have any questions, contact the FANS office (8:30am to 5:00pm CT) at 1 877 860 0680. 


Will I still be paid my foster care payment to be able to continue caring for my foster children? 

• Yes, the first November payments were made. The next one due would be for the November 15 and is expected to be on time. 


Will I receive my Adult Learning and Training Support payments? 

• Yes. Every effort will be made to keep to the scheduled payment dates. 


If I need to report a child abuse or any child concerns, where do I call or who do I contact? 

• All Social Services are operating as usual. Contact your local social worker or attend the Family Services office. 
• Everyone has a duty to report any child abuse to Child and Family Services.