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Foster Care

Foster care in Nunavut is provided by extended family (Kinship care) and by pre-approved foster homes. These can be flexible arrangements: short-term; during emergencies; or longer-term, until the child's own home is safe or the Department of Family Services can find them a permanent home.


Kinship care providers are considered as foster parents.


The criteria for becoming a foster parent are being able to provide a safe caring home for a child or youth, and being able to fulfill the foster parent roles and responsibilities outlined in the Foster Family Manual.


Visit the Foster Care website to access helpful information and resources.


How to Apply:


  • Fill out the Foster Parent Application Form.
  • Have your medical practitioner (physician/nurse) complete and sign the Foster Parent Medical Examination Form.
  • Complete a Criminal Record Check at your local RCMP detachment.
  • Get reference letters from three people who know you well. Your references should speak to your character, any past experience as a foster parent, any training or education that would make you a good foster parent, and any other information you think would enhance your application.


Return the completed forms and reference letters in person to your Community Social Services Office.


You may also apply in person with the help of your Community Social Services Office. Ask for a Foster Parent Package and Foster Family Manual.


Foster Parent Training and Support


Foster families experiencing difficulty with a foster child should contact the child’s assigned Community Social Services Worker.



For more information, contact your Community Social Services Office.