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Labour Market Information (LMI)


Understanding labour market information can help inform your decisions about your education, your career, your workplace, your community and your future.

Labour market information can tell you:

  • Where the jobs are now;
  • Where the jobs are likely going to be in the future;
  • What skills and training are in demand;
  • What qualifications are needed for jobs; and
  • Which occupations may present more, or fewer, opportunities for work in the future.


In Demand Career Opportunities in Nunavut

A guide featuring the most in-demand employment prospects in the Territory. Each occupational profile included in the guide features an explanation of the job, the education, skills and experience and the average hourly wage you can expect to earn. 

Labour Market Snapshots

Labour market snapshots look at labour market conditions in Nunavut by presenting data from Statistics Canada, such as the unemployment, participation and employment rate. Snapshots are published as new data becomes available.

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