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Introduction to Inuktitut


This 3-hour introduction to Inuktitut is a perfect way to start your learning!

Course Topics:

Introduction to Inuktitut (this topic will be taught in English) - Inuktitut in Nunavut and the world -Inuktut writing systems
Introduction to Inuktitut grammar
Basic Inuktitut greetings 
Sounds of Inuktitut
Pronouncing Inuit names
Learning Inuktitut: an introduction to current courses and resources


Date: January 11, 2018

Time: 1:15 pm - 4:15 pm



Start Date: 
Thursday, January 11, 2018
End Date: 
Thursday, January 11, 2018
Pirurvik Centre
Registration Deadline: 
Thursday, December 28, 2017

Application Form

Completed application forms must be downloaded, printed and signed by the employee and the employee’s supervisor, then emailed or faxed. All registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.