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COVID-19 GN Update - October 5, 2020

05 October 2020

COVID-19 GN Update

There are still no confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 in Nunavut.

The total number of persons followed to date is 3108. There are 541 persons currently being followed. Attribution of the cases at Hope Bay mine is pending.

Hope Bay Mine outbreak update:

• Following further confirmatory testing at a lab in southern Canada, there are currently nine positive cases of COVID-19 at Hope Bay Mine.
• Four additional presumptive positive cases have been identified and are pending confirmatory testing.
• Twelve people remain in isolation.
• All non-critical travel to and from the mine remains on hold.
• Critical staff contacts who are required to continue working for the safety of the other workers, are doing so until they can be replaced. Those staff are following strict measures to keep isolated from those around them, including wearing masks. Workers who develop symptoms will be required to isolate immediately.

Nunavut’s Path: changes to orders

As the Government of Nunavut continues to advance on Nunavut’s Path, the Chief Public Health Officer, after review of the current risk of COVID-19 to Nunavut communities, has ordered the following changes to existing public health measures. These new measures are in effect as of 12:01 a.m. ET Monday, October 5, 2020.

Food Service Establishments

  • All food service establishments in Nunavut may open for on-premises dining, delivery, and take-out service as follows:
    • Seating capacity be no greater than seventy-five percent of the regular seating capacity.
    • There must be at least two metres separation between tables and between persons in line for take-out or counter service.
    • No more than six people seated at or congregating near a table.
    • Food service establishments may establish their own hours for on-premises, take-out and delivery services.

Licensed Premises

  • All Licensed Premises may open for regular business hours, subject to any applicable licensing conditions, as follows:
    • Seating capacity be no greater than seventy-five percent of the regular seating capacity.
    • There must be at least two meters separation between tables and between persons in line for take-out, coat check, and bar service.
    • There shall be no more than six people seated at or congregating near a table.

For greater certainty, this Order does not apply to the Iqaluit Beer and Wine Store or any other Liquor Store operated by the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission.

Recreation, leisure, and Community groups:

  • Libraries, Museums, and Galleries may open for regular business as follows:
    • Total number of occupants cannot exceed 50% of the rated capacity for the room.
  • Gyms, Fitness Centres, Cadet halls, Recreation Centres, and private fitness clubs can open for individual workouts, group fitness classes, youth groups, cadets, and recreational sports as follows:
    • Total capacity per room cannot exceed 25 people or 50% of the rated capacity.
  • Municipal arenas may open for individual workouts, fitness classes, and recreational sports, provided that:
    • Total number of occupants on the playing surface, including participants and officials does not exceed the lesser of 50 persons or fifty per cent of the rated capacity of each room.
    • Total number of spectators shall not exceed 50 persons.


  • Park buildings may now open.
  • Residents at long-term care, continuing care, and medical boarding homes may have two visitors at once from their immediate families; visitors must wear masks or face coverings.
  • Outdoor gathering limit increases to 100 persons, with social distancing.
  • Gatherings in museums, libraries, and galleries: 25 people or 50% of the rated capacity of the room.
  • 100 people or 75% of the rated capacity of the room for places of worship, meetings organized by governments, Inuit organizations, and institutions of public government, conference facilities, community halls and rental meeting spaces, and theatres.
  • 75% of rated capacity for restaurants and licensed liquor establishments.
  • Indoor gatherings in dwellings: total number of occupants plus up to 15 people.


  • Exempt travellers must wear masks or face coverings for their first 14 days in Nunavut whenever they are in public places.
  • Exempt travellers under 2 years of age, and aged 2-4 years who cannot be persuaded to wear masks are exempt.
  • Exempt travellers requiring accommodation under the Human Rights Act can be exempt from wearing masks.
  • Exempt travellers may remove their masks to consume food or drink in public places.

Failure to comply with this Order may be considered a breach of this Order issued under the Act and may result in penalties under the Act, which may include:

  • $575 fine for individuals; and
  • $2875 fine for corporations.


As part of the Government of Nunavut’s (GN) effort to protect Nunavummiut against the risk of COVID-19, GN Departments are implementing the following:

Department of Health Services

Total (all health isolation locations)  
Traveler type Guests in isolation as of Oct 2
Medical 366
Public 398
Total 764

Traveller repatriation summary:

Departure date # of travellers from health isolation sites
Oct 1 64
Oct 2 47
Oct 3 0
Oct 4 28
Oct 5 127
Total 266

Critical Worker Requests

As of Oct. 5, there were 6615 requests, 3174 of which were critical worker requests.

Request status # %
Approved (includes critical and non-critical) 4666 69.8%
Denied 264 4.0%
Pending 110 1.6%
Common Travel Area Approved 1642 24.6%
Total 6682 100%

Department of Community and Government Services

Requests to enter the territory for construction related projects or to travel within the territory for construction related projects can be emailed to

Construction workers who completed isolation to date: 1674


Nunavummiut’s health is our shared responsibility! Remember: wash your hands and surfaces, practice social distancing, listen to the advice of health officials, and stay home if you’re sick.