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Call for nominations: Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments

07 April 2020

Public Service Announcement

Call for nominations: Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments

The Government of Nunavut is looking for nominations to fill a maximum of two positions on the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments. While there will be no Senate vacancies until 2023, the federal government is pro-actively establishing advisory boards for all provinces and territories.

The Advisory Board plays a key role in the independent and merit-based assessment of Senate candidates and is responsible for providing the Prime Minister with a list of five qualified candidates for each Senate vacancy.

Candidates for the Board should:

  • have a good understanding of the parliamentary and legislative process;
  • have a good understanding of the Senate’s traditional role as an independent body of sober second thought, with a key role of representing regions and minorities;
  • be able to act independently of the government and political parties; and,
  • meet strict standards of non-partisanship, including having refrained from any political activity at any level of government in Canada for a period of one year.

The workload of Board members is not evenly distributed over time and there will be a heavier time commitment required during the several weeks immediately following the start of senator application reviews.

The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. Monday, April 27, 2020.

For more information or to submit an application, please contact Letia Obed at


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