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Stay safe around bears

22 July 2016 

Public Service Announcement

Stay safe around bears

The Department of Environment wants to remind all Nunavut residents and visitors that the risk of coming across a bear is higher at this time of year.

Polar bears can be found anywhere in Nunavut, on land or on the sea ice. Grizzly bears can be found on the mainland and on some islands in the Kitikmeot.

Be bear aware at all times! Travel safely. Be alert. Safely store or dispose of anything that might attract a bear, like human food, dog food, carcasses and garbage.

If you see a bear in or near a community, do not approach it. You should immediately call the local wildlife office.

Contact details for all wildlife offices can be found at


Media Contact:

Tana Silverland
Manager of Communications, Education and Outreach
Department of Environment