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Reminder to inspect heating oil tanks

29 May 2017 

Public Service Announcement

Reminder to inspect heating oil tanks

The Department of Environment is encouraging all homeowners and property managers to have annual inspections of their heating oil tanks by a qualified technician who can empty the drip leg (water trap).

Homeowners and property managers can save significant oil spill cleanup costs if they conduct regular inspections and ensure proper maintenance of their heating oil tanks.

If water is allowed to accumulate in the "drip leg", it will freeze and cause a crack in the pipe. As the weather warms and the water thaws, fuel will escape through this crack, causing a spill. Tanks that show signs of rust, or are more than 10 years old, should be replaced.

The Illustrated Homeowner’s Guide to Heating Oil Tanks provides information on how to inspect a tank properly and to recognize potential spill risks. The guide is available in all official languages at:

You may also contact the environmental protection officer or local conservation officer to arrange for a free inspection of your fuel tank.


Media Contact:

Hayward Harris
Manager of Communications, Education and Outreach
Department of Environment