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Online climate change resource launched

02 May 2016 

Public Service Announcement 

Online climate change resource launched 

The Nunavut Climate Change Centre (NC3) has launched a new interactive online resource called Tukisigiaqta, to help Nunavummiut understand and prepare for the impacts of climate change. 

Tukisigiaqta tests users on their knowledge of how climate change is affecting people both in the home and on the land, and helps them understand how to prepare for the challenges caused by climate change. 

Tukisigiaqta includes both Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and information about modern communication devices and technologies that can help Nunavummiut deal with the effects of climate change. The Government of Nunavut promotes the use of communication devices like SPOT and satellite phones when travelling on the land. Such devices save lives, are cost effective, and reduce risks for volunteer search and rescue personnel. 

There is also a section where users can share their stories of travelling on the land. The stories will be posted on the NC3 website for others to enjoy and learn from. 

Tukisigiaqta can be found at:


Media Contact: 

Tana Silverland
Manager of Communications, Education and Outreach
Department of Environment