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Nunavut’s first online hunter education course

06 July 2018 

News Release

Nunavut’s first online hunter education course

IQALUIT, Nunavut (July 5, 2018) –The Department of Environment is proud to announce the launch of the territory’s first online hunter education course.

This course is voluntary, free and open to Nunavut residents, to complete at their own pace. It teaches new and inexperienced participants to become responsible ethical hunters, and helps seasoned hunters improve their knowledge and skills. The course consists of 10 chapters, and course material takes approximately five hours to complete.

"Guided by Pilimmaksarniq, the development of skills, our main goal is to make hunting education easily accessible to Nunavummiut," said Minister of Environment, Jeannie Ehaloak. "This online hunter education course is aligned with the Turaaqtavut priority of Sivummuaqpalliajjutivut, to provide valuable education. This resource aims to teach how to hunt safely, responsibly and respectfully, and outline the importance of wildlife conservation and management in Nunavut."

After they successfully complete the course, students will verify their Nunavut residency with their local conservation officer to receive their completion certificate, badge and hat.

The Department of Environment encourages Nunavummiut to learn hunting safety skills through hands-on training and practice whenever possible, from an experienced hunter. Please visit for more information.


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Jonathan Pynn
Senior Policy Analyst
Department of Environment