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  • Resource Materials

    Included in this document are grade-specific lists of teaching resources that are approved for use in Nunavut by the Department of Education. It is mandatory that teachers use the approved...

  • Resource Materials

    "Ilitaqsiniq-Nunavut Literacy Council was founded in 1999, branching off from the NWT Literacy Council when Nunavut was established as a separate territory. Ilitaqsiniq promotes and supports the...

  • Media Centre

    Twelve Inuit education leaders from Nunavut and one from Nunavik graduated with a Master of Education Leadership degree from the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) at a special convocation...

  • Reports/Studies/Reviews

    Between 2011 and 2012, a representative sample of Nunavummiut voluntarily participated in Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), the most comprehensive assessment...

  • Policies and Legislation


    The Education Act requires that students attend school regularly and punctually, unless they have a health reason reported to the principal,...

  • Media Centre

    Education Minister Eva Aariak encourages students, parents, families and community members to celebrate the importance of learning in Nunavut during Education Week 2013.

  • Policies and Legislation

    The Department of Culture and Heritage provides grant and contribution funding to non-profit community-based organizations, individuals, and municipal corporations who direct their efforts to the...

  • EDT: Business Development, EDT: Resource Development, Policies and Legislation

    The Nunavut Prospector's Program Policy goal is to provide funding to qualified prospectors who want to find valuable resources on the land.

  • EDT: Arts and Culture, EDT: Business Development, EDT: Resource Development, EDT: Tourism, Policies and Legislation

    This program is primarily focused on providing up-and-coming small businesses, community organizations and individuals with support to grow.

  • EDT: Resource Development, EDT: Transportation

    Keywords: transportation, roads, airports, harbours, sea, air travel, planes, railroads, communities, industry, economy.