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    Please fill in this driver's licence application form to operate a motor vehicle on a public road in Nunavut.

    If you've lost or destroyed your driver's licence, fill out the other form.

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    Check out these driver's manuals to get the licence you require.

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    Apply for photo identification for airline travel.

    Or if you've lost or destroyed your general identification card you can fill in this other form.

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    Many aircrafts have been tested in the cold weather of Iqaluit. Yours could be the next one. Read this pamphlet for more information.

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    This report thoroughly examines the cost of building a road between Nunavut and Manitoba.

  • Find out where you can get a driver's licence or a general identification card.


    Arctic Bay

    Hamlet of Arctic Bay

    P.O. Box 150 

    Arctic Bay...

  • Strategies

    This strategy outlines how the Government of Nunavut will improve the territory's transportation system.

  • NAV CANADA is the company that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation service.

    It contracts the operations of Community Aerodrome Radio Stations (CARS) through the Government of...

  • The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is an independent agency that advances transportation safety by investigating occurrences in the marine, pipeline, rail and air modes of transportation....