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    The Family Services annual report for 2012 is now available.

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    The Family Services Act regulates the operations and policies of the Department of Family Services. Executive Summary. 

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    Department of Family Services contacts.

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    In this manual you will find information to help you successfully fulfill your role as foster parents. We trust it will serve the best interests of the foster child, and those of the foster family...

  • Policies and Legislation

    Family violence is a complex issue that is linked to many other social issues, such as inter-generational transmission of historical trauma, the normalization of violence within our communities,...

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    "Whereas it is desirable to encourage and strengthen the role of the family"

  • Policies and Legislation

    The Department of Environment is committed to supporting the development of a  sustainable and viable fishing industry in Nunavut. The Department of  Environment recognizes that the foundation for...

  • Policies and Legislation

    The Umbrella Territorial Parks Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement (IIBA) negotiated  between Government and Inuit as required by Article 8 of the Nunavut Land Claims  Agreement (NLCA), requires...

  • Policies and Legislation

    The Department of Environment is committed to ensuring that all sanctioned Wildlife  enforcement duties are carried out in a manner that is safe, responsible, and respectful  of the general public...