Communicable Disease

Communicable Diseases are diseases caused by bacteria, viruses or other organisms that can spread from one person to another or from animals to people either directly or through food, water or air.  Influenza, Tuberculosis, Syphilis are all examples of communicable diseases.

Environmental Health Officers work to ensure safe food and water in order to prevent people from getting sick in the first place. Public Health staff in the Department of Health follow up those individuals with communicable diseases, as well as people they had contact with, in order to prevent spread of the disease.

You can protect yourself and your family from communicable diseases by taking a few simple steps such as:

  • Careful and frequent hand washing
  • Cover your cough
  • Handle food safely
  • Keep your immunizations up to date
  • Stay home if you are ill
  • Practice safe sex

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The Department of Health provides vaccines throughout Nunavut at community health centres and public health offices. Immunization programs for infants, pre-schoolers, school age children and adults protect Nunavummiut against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Follow the links below to learn about vaccines for children, adults and travel.

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