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Premiers advance their Pan-Territorial Vision for Sustainable Development

31 August 2017 

Premiers advance their Pan-Territorial Vision for Sustainable Development

YELLOWKNIFE, NT (August 31, 2017) – Premiers share an interest in ensuring that all
northerners and northern communities have an optimistic outlook for the future, and that
outlook requires advancement of educational attainment, business development and
meaningful employment opportunities, many of which are tied to infrastructure development.

Premiers emphasize the particular importance of increasing the opportunities available
to people living in Indigenous communities, and rural and remote communities.
Towards this shared interest, Northern Premiers are looking forward to the release of
their Pan-Territorial Vision for Sustainment Development by the end of September.

Focusing on resource development, economic diversification, infrastructure and
innovation, this vision will:

  • Reaffirm the necessity of northerners being at the forefront of decisions affecting the economic future of the North
  • Highlight the benefits of strong territorial economies in creating opportunities for indigenous and non-indigenous territorial residents
  • Link with federal priorities and speaks to how territorial economic development will advance federal government objectives 
  • Communicate to industry the commitment of the three territories to increase their attractiveness to investment rather than increase regulatory complexity or uncertainty.

Premiers’ recognize that Canada works within the global green economy, and that the
territories are home to many of the raw materials needed. Minerals such as rare earth,
copper, lithium, cobalt and bismuth are used to fuel green innovation and renewable
energy technology and are found in abundance in the territories.

Global interest in the Arctic continues to grow. Decisions impacting northern economies
and environments need to be made at home in the North. Premiers note the
importance of this as the federal government develops its Arctic Policy Framework.

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