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Boil water advisory for parts of the city of Iqaluit affected by water main repairs

11 August 2015 

Public Health Advisory

Boil water advisory for parts of the city of Iqaluit affected by water main repairs

August 11, 2015

Iqaluit, NU

The Department of Health and the City of Iqaluit are issuing a boil water advisory for the following areas of the City of Iqaluit:

  •  Buildings 157, 159, 161, 163 on Nipisa Street, between Queen Elizabeth Way and Kuugalaaq Street.

The advisory also affects the adult education services and early childhood education office of the Department of Education, Ayaya Marketing and Communications, Quick Stop, Video Shack, The Snack, the Northern Employees Union Hall and Qulliq Energy. Residential apartments at these addresses are also affected.

When water service resumes, all residents in the affected area of Iqaluit must boil their water before consumption.

This is a precautionary measure due to the water main break and repair in the areas noted above. The Department of Health is working closely with the City of Iqaluit. The water quality is being monitored. Please watch for further advisories.

During a boil water advisory, all water for consumption must be brought to a rolling boil for a minimum of one full minute.

It is essential that water must be boiled or bottled water can be used for the following uses:

  •  drinking
  •  preparing infant formulas
  •  preparing juices and ice cubes
  •  washing fruits and vegetables
  •  cooking
  •  brushing teeth

Water can be boiled either in a pot or kettle, on a stove or in an electric kettle without an automatic shut-off.

It is not necessary to boil water used for anything other than the above list. For concerns related to the water main repairs or affected areas, please contact the City of Iqaluit. For more information on boil water advisories, please contact the regional environmental health officer at 867-975-4817.


Media Contact:
Audrey Lemieux
Communication and Social Marketing Analyst
Department of Health