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Training Fund

Training Fund

The training fund was created to provide training and program funding opportunities in Nunavut for departments of the Government of Nunavut (GN) and public bodies. It is divided into a specialized training fund and a program development fund. The Public Service Training division of the Department of Human Resources oversees both parts of the training fund.

The program development and specialized training funding contributes to the following outcomes in the Government of Nunavut:

  • Improving and implementing program/service delivery;
  • Increasing technical/professional knowledge and expertise;
  • Achieving required certification, licences, and/or training in new professional standards and best practices; and
  • Building capacity in specialized areas.

What types of training qualify under the training fund?

  • Specialized Training Fund: specialized training or professional development courses that address the training needs of GN employees in similar occupational groups across various departments and agencies (i.e., specialized computer applications, medical training, financial accounting, judicial training, etc.)
  • Program Development Fund: pilot delivery of a new program/training, or development of technical, job-specific skills that address the training needs of GN employees in similar occupational groups across various departments and agencies (i.e., management programs, communications programs, policy programs, etc.)

What training does not qualify under the training fund?

  • Ongoing/existing training programs offered by the Department of Human Resources, other GN departments or institutions such as Nunavut Arctic College;
  • Trainee, internship, and/or apprenticeship positions;
  • Educational leave and tuition reimbursement (i.e., distance education courses);
  • Individual training /professional development requests (unless the incumbent is in a highly specialized GN position);
  • Generic courses such as Office 2010, team building, dealing with difficult people, supervisory skills, etc. (or any courses listed in the training calendar);
  • Employee or cultural orientations;
  • Designation recertification (i.e., first aid or other non-specialized certificates); and
  • Repetitive capacity building (internal funding for repetitive capacity building in a specialized area should be built into the fiscal planning of each department).

What is the deadline for submitting a proposal?

Every year, a call for proposals is issued early in the fiscal year with a complete list of guidelines and a proposal template. An interdepartmental review committee will evaluate all proposals based on standardized criteria.

Specialized Training Fund Information and Guidelines

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Program Development Fund: Information and Guidelines

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