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Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP)

The purpose of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP) Act is to provide all citizens with the right to request access to information held by the Government of Nunavut (GN). It also ensures that the GN is protecting the privacy of personal information held by departments, agencies, commissions, corporation or offices, also known as public bodies.

The ATIPP Act applies to all government departments, agencies, commissioner and corporations as well as any other body listed as a public body under the ATIPP regulations. Click HERE to see a list of all public bodies subject to the ATIPP Act.



The ATIPP Office is housed within the Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs. The ATIPP Office is responsible for the following functions:

Providing support, leadership and assistance to all public bodies to ensure compliance under the Act as well as a standard approach to providing the public is a quality of service under the ATIPP Act;
maintaining the ATIPP Act and developing policy and resources to guide public bodies on the application of the Act; 
providing support and resources to individuals from the public who wants to know more about the ATIPP Act or their rights under the Act; and
promoting the awareness of the ATIPP Act throughout Nunavut.

The ATIPP office has one employee, the Manager, Territorial ATIPP Office.

Mailing Address:

Manager, Territorial ATIPP Office
Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs
Government of Nunavut
P.O. Box 1000, Station 200, Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0

Phone number: