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Students will write departmental exams in April 2016

25 January 2016 

Public Service Announcement

Students will write departmental exams in April 2016

Start Date: January 25, 2016

End Date: January 29, 2016 60 sec.


Students from six communities, who could not write their English Language Arts 30 1 Part A and 30 2 Part A final exam on January 13, 2016, because of weather conditions, will write these exams in April 2016.

Nunavut follows the Alberta Departmental Exam program and schedule for exam dates. When students can’t write their exams because of unexpected events, they usually write them at the next exam sitting. Exams are scheduled twice a year – one in January and another in June.

Because so many classes and students were affected by the weather conditions, the Nunavut Department of Education and the Alberta Ministry of Education have agreed to hold the exams in April 2016, to avoid conflict with any exams in June.

Many resources are needed to develop, produce and administer exams. To ensure exam security and accurate assessment, Nunavut follows Alberta’s process and its careful controls.

For more information about departmental exams and why Nunavut uses Alberta exams, please visit: Feel free to contact your local school principal if you have specific questions or concerns.


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Curtis Jones

Communications Manager

Department of Education