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Nunavut–wide school closure due to a bomb threat

22 September 2016 

Public Service Announcement

Nunavut–wide school closure due to a bomb threat

Effective immediately, all Nunavut schools are closed due to a wide-spread bomb threat.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child in a school or daycare in a school, please pick them up immediately.

This type of threat is taken very seriously and the Government of Nunavut is working with the RCMP to take every precaution to keep students and school staff safe.

The RCMP is responding to this threat by conducting thorough walk-throughs of all schools, and school property and facilities. As a precaution, all Nunavut Arctic College community learning centres and campuses will also be checked.

Once the RCMP has determined that Nunavut schools are safe, school principals and local DEAs will decide when to re-open their schools.

Updates will follow as soon as they are available.


Media Contact:

Wende Halonen
Communications Manager
Department of Education