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Nunavut Education Week 2015

05 October 2015 

Public Service Announcement

Nunavut Education Week 2015

This year, Nunavut Education Week is from October 5 to 9, 2015.

The theme is "Literacy leads to learning success", which emphasizes the important role families play in building the literacy skills of children.

Working together, families, schools and communities can help our children strengthen their reading skills and succeed.

Remember, learning starts at home! Parents motivate, students participate – together we can graduate!


Media Contact:

Wende Halonen
Communications Manager
Department of Education


On September 6, 2015, Peter Pitseolak High School in Cape Dorset was completely destroyed by a fire.

This had a huge impact on the community and especially the students. The photos below show their reflections on the tragic incident.

Staff and students from Peter Pitseolak School moved into Sam Pudlat School on September 9. 

Under a split-shift arrangement, students from both schools receive four hours per day of instruction time. 

The Department of Education, the Cape Dorset District Education Authority and the Department of Community and Government Services are working to develop a long-range plan to provide classroom and administrative space for Peter Pitseolak School students and staff until a new school is built.  

Peter Pitseolak student attendance for September was 77.3 per cent, with 18 students having 100 per cent attendance.