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Education and Nunavut Arctic College Q&A - November 4, 2019, 7 p.m. Update

05 November 2019

Department of Education Q&A 

Will schools be open? 

• Yes, schools will be open. 
• All students and staff should report to school as normal and any special instructions will be provided by principals. 


Is it safe for my child to attend class? 

• Yes. There is no physical threat to students. 
• All school emergency systems, such as fire emergency systems, do not rely on the GN network and are operational. 
• All the schools have emergency phone lines that are working. 
• School security has not been affected by the network issue. 

The key scan entry system is working normally. 


Will the schools have internet access? 

• Schools will not have Internet access. 


Are schools still able to issue report cards? 

• Despite the current Government of Nunavut (GN) network unavailability, which prevents staff from using their regular GN computers, Nunavut schools will be able to print report cards. 
• This can be accomplished by using an off-the network computer, a local printer and an alternate Internet access solution. The department is currently compiling information about which schools have this alternative available, and will discuss other options with schools that do not have the possibility to access resources outside of the GN. 
• The Student Information System (Maplewood) is being hosted outside of the Government of Nunavut infrastructure and is not affected by ransomware. Teachers and Administration staff will be able to access Maplewood and print Report Cards through a secure web browser connection. 
• Due to the required implementation of alternatives, delays could be expected. However, a few schools have already sent out reports cards and have not been affected by the unavailability of the GN network. 



Nunavut Arctic College Q&A 

Has the ransomware affected NAC’s wifi system? 

• It is recommended that all technology (laptops, cellphones, tablets) be disconnected from the GN main server or any wifi (including the galaxy network). 


What if I'm working on technology not connected to the GN network? 

• You should not be affected. 


What if I am using a personal modem, like Qiniq Modem? 

• We don't anticipate any problems for technology connected to a modem that is not on the GN system Please be mindful about transferring data from your work computer (connected to the GN system) to your personal computer. 


Are classes cancelled? 

• No, classes continue as scheduled. 


Are offices closed? 

• No. Offices remain open and employees are expected to attend work as scheduled. 


What should we do about time-sheets? 

• Please monitor hours for your employees, specifically for casuals. 


When should we expect to hear updates? 

• For the most up-to-date information, check the GN's social media page - specifically its Facebook page. 
• Nunavut Arctic College (NAC) is working to create a phone and fax list. We hope to have temporary emails developed and may create a communication tree to share information throughout the organizations. 
• The situation is fluid, therefore updates will be continuous. 


Will this impact the services the College provides its students? 

• It is the College's goal to ensure services for students are not impacted. 
• Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students (FANS) and Adult Learning and Training supports (ALTs) payments were provided before the attack, and Kivalliq Hall has provided the first half of November's meal vouchers to its students. 
• If there are any concerns, please inform Sr. Management and we will work to develop effective solutions.