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Why become a DEA member?

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The Opportunity to Serve Your Community

As a locally-elected representative of the public, you will join a local group of service-minded men and women who are volunteering to support your local education.  Through participation of regular meetings, DEA members experience the fulfillment that comes from helping shape the future of school classrooms and giving back to the community.


Personal Growth and Development

The DEA provides many opportunities to further enhance your leadership skills, gain experience in public speaking and communication.   Through committee participation these activities help develop your organization, planning and problem solving skills.  Your participation provides team building experiences and mentoring opportunities.


Professional Networking

Opportunities to work with today’s community and business leaders who make critical decisions and influence your community’s education.



Experience and Knowledge that Would be Good to Have

Candidates do not need to have a background in education or finance.  However, the following skills and experience would be assets for potential DEA members:

  • Some understanding of finance and budget management
  • Basic understanding of meeting procedures and governance policies
  • Basic understanding of a board member’s role
  • Some awareness of legal, political and legislative parameters in which Nunavut schools operate
  • Willingness to learn and spend time becoming familiar with existing board policies and relevant legislation


DEA Member Expectations:

  • Prepare for, and participate in, all regular scheduled meetings
  • Participate and share your skills and expertise
  • Duty of confidentiality and ethical leadership
  • Make decisions that benefit all students and classrooms
  • Follow approved legal and financial guidelines
  • Inform your community about education issues and initiatives
  • Have an open mind