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Tell Me a Story

What is Tell Me a Story?

Tell Me a Story book bag is a Department of Education program that provides books to newborn babies. This “first library” promotes family literacy by introducing children and families to books of all kinds, and help children develop a love of reading and storytelling.

The Department of Education has been working with the Department of Health to continue distribution of the Tell Me a Story book bag, through the Department of Health’s Baby Box program in Nunavut.

A Tell Me a Story book bag is included in each Nunavut Baby Box and distributed to expecting parents through their community health center.

There may be books in Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English and French in each Tell Me a Story book bag. It is important to use the books even if families don’t read or speak some of these languages because they don’t have to be able to read the book to tell their baby a story.

Pick up any of these books, look at and talk about the pictures, and make your own story to tell to your baby in your language.


For more information on Tell Me a Story book bags, please contact Early Learning and Child Care at (867) 975-4866

For more information on Baby Box program in Nunavut please contact your community Health Centre.