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Éducation en français

     The Bureau of Education and Services in French (BESF) is a division of the Department of Education that offers a wide range of support and services in French, from Early Childhood to Adult Education.

     The BESF answers requests from the general public interested in obtaining information, education or certification in French. The division supports all educational institutions involved in providing French language programs or certification for French language instruction whether as a first or as an additional language. As the leader for French-language education in Nunavut, it provides curricular support for Minority Language Instruction and French as an Additional Language*, thus assisting the Government of Nunavut in fulfilling the educational mandate established by the Education Act as well as article 23 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The BESF is active in territorial initiatives, new programs, curriculum renewal, changes in legislation, and serves as a link between the different stakeholders involved in education and services in French. Additionally, the BESF oversees the translation, promotion and distribution of curricular materials in French as well as other documents and publications relevant to education.

     As the official spokesperson mandated by the Minister of Education, the BESF negotiates and manages the funding from Canadian Heritage through the Official Languages in Education Protocol (OLEP) and provides reports on French Education in Nunavut.

     Finally, the BESF works closely with different partners to promote quality Education in French in Nunavut and Canada through various initiatives.

*French as an Additional Language is used in respect of the two other official languages recognized by the Official Language      Act of Nunavut.


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