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Daycare Administrative Training sessions 2019

To build an enriching environment, the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) division recognizes that building talent is crucial for operating daycares at their fullest potential. The administrative training professionalized daycare providers on many practical aspects of operating a daycare in Nunavut. From maintaining staff ratios, cleanliness and sanitation, and being in compliance to safety standards, there are many day to day details for running a successful daycare.

In addition, the training dedicated a large part to financial management. From invoicing and payroll, hosting board meetings, scheduling staff, being in good standing with legal registries, filling out applications for annual funding; building good financial habits allows daycares to run seamlessly from year to year.

This training is part of the Department of Education’s 3-year action plan developed from the bilateral agreement with the Government of Canada that increased the funding available for Early Learning and Child Care.

Nunavut has Canada’s highest growing young population. Families need daycares that are caring, confident and competent.


Examples of ELCC Funding for Nunavut Daycares

  • Healthy Children’s Initiative
  • Young Parents Stay Learning
  • Operation and Maintenance Top Funding & Program Contribution
  • Monthly Attendance & Parent Fee Report
  • Cultural and Language Funding (District Education Authorities)


Left to right (Sally Cormier, Leonie Le duc Aissaoui, Sophie Beauregard, Visaka Wijesooriya, Sherene Gissing, Michelle MacKay, Tiffany Hansen, Renata Lee, Kyla King. Front left to right: Reah Muckpah-Gavin, Beverly Jaramillo, Celina Kalluk)

Training session #3 Qikiqtani

photo credit: Department of Education