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Community Engagement Support Program

The department is committed to supporting the responsible development of Nunavut’s mineral resources through targeted financial assistance to community organizations, mineral exploration and junior mining companies carrying out engagement activities considered to be in the public interest.

The Community Engagement Support Program will provide financial support during a project’s development, prior to the formal regulatory process for mine construction and operation. Those projects that can demonstrate a meaningful commitment to engage Nunavummiut in a manner that is consistent with community priorities are the ideal applicants.

Eligibility for contributions is limited to community organizations and exploration companies that:

  • include a draft Community Engagement Plan that considers the communities closest to the project location, identifies potential concerns and benefits, and endeavors to meaningfully engage communities in project planning, monitoring, and reporting;
  • provide signed authorization by a community organization and the exploration company indicating that they have reviewed and approved the draft Community Engagement Plan;
  • maximize the use of Nunavut goods and services, including direct employment (these applications will be ranked higher than comparable applications that do not).

There's more information in the policy below. 


Application Form

Community Engagement Support Program Policy