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Premier, Ministers mark construction of the Iqaluit International Airport Improvement Project

10 July 2014

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Premier, Ministers mark construction of the Iqaluit International Airport Improvement Project

IQALUIT, Nunavut (July 10, 2014) – Premier Peter Taptuna, along with Minister Tom Sammurtok, Minister George Kuksuk, Minister Keith Peterson and John Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Arctic Infrastructure Limited Partners, today held a ceremonial groundbreaking to mark the start of construction for the new Iqaluit International Airport Improvement Project (IIAIP).

"This project could not have been realized without the collective contributions of Canada, the Government of Nunavut and Arctic Infrastructure Partners, and I’m glad to mark this occasion today at the project site along with my colleagues and Arctic Infrastructure Partners," said Premier Taptuna. "During the airport project lifecycle, we are in a position to address direct and indirect job creation for Nunavut, as well as training and economic development opportunities that benefits Nunavummiut and specifically Inuit, which is in line with our priorities under Sivumut Abluqta."

The IIAIP includes improving the runway, installation of runway lights and other safety-related systems, construction of a new combined services building for fire trucks and snow plows, and the construction of a new airport terminal building. The Government of Nunavut is using the Public Private Partnership (P3) method to make the best use of taxpayer dollars and allow the project to move forward in a timely manner under the agreement.

"The P3 Canada Fund is an increasingly important way for Canadian governments to build or upgrade infrastructure," said Minister of Finance Keith Peterson. "Leveraging private support for a public sector project of this magnitude contributes to the overarching need to develop essential infrastructure that expands Nunavut’s growth as a whole."

Arctic Infrastructure Partners was selected in July 2013, as the proponent to deliver the project.

"Arctic Infrastructure Partners in conjunction with the Government of Nunavut are pleased to be delivering the IIAIP. We are confident that we will build and deliver services that provide all travellers to and from Iqaluit with a world class international airport," said John Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Arctic Infrastructure Limited Partnership. "The new terminal will be a fantastic gateway for both the City of Iqaluit and the territory of Nunavut, and this groundbreaking ceremony is the first step towards successful delivery of the new building in 2017."

Construction materials and equipment arrived during last summer’s sealift season and the initial preparation for construction began in the spring of 2014.

"A significant amount of work has gone into making this project possible across a number of departments," said Minister of Community and Government Services Tom Sammurtok. "Using a P3 model to design, build, and operate the IIAIP is the most effective method in working with Arctic Infrastructure Partners to see enhanced airport conveniences, safety, operations, as well as reduced overall project costs."

The IIAIP intends to improve and expand the existing air transportation network to improve the social and economic future of Nunavut’s communities.

"Nunavut is expected to grow economically over the next few years and infrastructure such as the IIAIP is essential to keeping up with progress as a territory," said Minister of Economic Development and Transportation George Kuksuk. "Nunavut continues to work with federal partners to address our needs as they relate to economic development and transportation across the territory and we are encouraged by the P3 partnership."

The Iqaluit International Airport is scheduled to open and begin operations in late summer 2017.


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Yasmina Pepa

Press Secretary to Premier Taptuna


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