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Nunavummiut encouraged to replace old driver's licences and ID cards

04 November 2010 

IQALUIT, Nunavut (November 4, 2010) – Peter Taptuna, Minister of the Department of Economic Development & Transportation, encourages everyone who hasn’t received a new driver’s licence or general identification card to apply for the new cards.

“We have been notified that some establishments outside of Nunavut are not accepting the old laminated version of the territory’s driver’s licence or general identification card as identification,” said Taptuna. “We want everyone to have the option of upgrading to the new award-winning driver’s licence and general identification card. Rest assured, the old version of the cards will continue to be accepted in Nunavut.”

Nunavummiut can replace their driver’s licence or general identification card by contacting the Motor Vehicles Division or the Motor Vehicles Issuing Agent in their community.

The replacement fees are as follows:

Driver’s Licence: $15.40

Identification Cards 12 -18 and over 60 years: $23.40

Identification Cards 19- 59 years: $33.40

This is only the cost of a replacement driver’s licence or general identification card and does not include the renewal fee. The expiry date on the card will remain the same as your current card. If you have less than one year until the expiry date on one of the old cards, the department will accept early renewals. Renewals cost $68.40. Nunavummiut over 60 years of age pay only $38.40.

Nunavut’s driver’s licences and general identification cards are produced in Ottawa. While the Motor Vehicles Division does its best to ensure a quick turnaround time, Nunavummiut can anticipate up to a month’s wait when new cards are ordered.


For more information, contact:

Matthew Illaszewicz

Manager, Communications

Economic Development & Transportation