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Prospector Reports

These prospector reports are data as submitted by prospectors funded through the Government of Nunavut’s Nunavut Prospectors Program (NPP). These reports have exceeded a confidentiality period of three years as stipulated in the NPP Contribution Agreement and may be published. The reports are presented as is and are deemed to be reasonably accurate by the publisher. Readers should take reasonable caution to report accuracy.

GN Appendix

The Government of Nunavut may include a GN appendix that may have extra data such as a samples table and a sample location map. Again, the reader should take reasonable caution as to the accuracy of data.

Red Markups

The Prospector Reports may have comments marked in red, for corrections, to clarify an aspect of the report or to include a note.

Extra Data

A kmz data file viewable via GoogleEarth may be attached to find the project area and sample locations.

Inquiries on reports can be directed to the Minerals and Petroleum Division's Resident Geologists at