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Department of Economic Development and Transportation Q&A - November 4, 2019, 7 p.m. Update

05 November 2019

Department of Economic Development and Transportation Q&A 

Will EDT offices be open? 

• Yes, we expect all EDT offices to be open for business, however some services may be limited. 


Will airport services be impacted? 

• No operational impacts are expected. 
• The Nunavut Airports Division has activated contingency plans to ensure safe and effective communications at all airports. 
• Regional airport managers will work with Municipalities and other contractors to ensure that safe and effective operations. 


Will EDT programs and services to the public be available? 

• There will be disruptions for the delivery of driver's licences and identification cards. 
• EDT is working with our GN partners to develop a process to issue emergency ID cards. 
• This process will be shared with the public once it is available. 
• Nunavummiut who have current applications for Economic Development Grants and Contributions will see delays in processing these applications. 
• All offices will be open and can be contacted by phone or fax. A list of phone contacts will be developed by 12:00 Eastern Time Monday, November 4th. 
• For urgent communications regarding safety concerns an interim email address has been created and will be monitored: