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Be aware, drive safely

18 October 2019

Public Service Announcement

Be aware, drive safely

The Department of Economic Development and Transportation reminds Nunavummiut to drive safely, and observe speed limits at all times.

Drivers should always exercise extreme caution particularly in school zones, pay attention to school buses picking up or dropping off students and observe the following rules:

  • Stop in both directions before reaching a school bus when its lights are flashing and the stop sign is visible.
  • Ensure children have exited or boarded the school bus and the flashing lights and stop sign have been turned off before proceeding.

The penalties for failing to stop for a school bus are four driver licence demerit points and a $115 fine. Driver licence demerits count as points against your driver’s licence. An accumulation of 15 demerit points will result in the suspension of your driving privilege.

Drive sober and safely so everyone can arrive alive.


Media contact:

Matthew Illaszewicz
Manager of Communications
Department of Economic Development and Transportation