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Wildlife Fact Sheet: Grizzly Bear (Reference Material)

Barren Ground Grizzly

Appearance Grizzly bears are the second largest carnivores after the polar bear. They have large heads with long snouts and two small, round, heavily furred ears. One of the ways to distinguish grizzly bears from black bears is that grizzlies have a noticeable hump on their shoulders. The claws of the front feet are long, sharp and pale yellow or brown in colour. Before shedding every year, grizzlies have long shaggy coats. Their fur is made up of coarse guard hairs and a thick coat of under-fur. Colours range from light gold to almost black with the lightest bears most commonly found on the barren lands or tundra. Grizzly bears in Nunavut are generally smaller than those found further south. They are at their largest in the fall before entering their dens and leanest in the spring when they emerge from their dens. Generally, females are smaller than males and reach their maximum weight before males do. Adult males and females can be anywhere between 146 and 382kg and measure an average of 2.6m in length..