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The Toponymy program works closely with communities to identify, document and give approval to local geographic names. This involves conducting research on traditional place names, consulting with Elders and assisting communities to decide on place names that more accurately reflect the history and traditional use of sites across Nunavut. Toponymy information is gathered through a combination of field, archival, and library research. Names are preserved in the Nunavut Geographical Names Database and in the records of the Geographic Names Board of Canada.

Geographic Names Program:

The Nunavut Geographic Names Program gives official recognition to the names of places and geographic features in Nunavut. A key objective of the program is to preserve and promote Inuit language and culture by providing official recognition to traditional Inuktitut place names. The program provides technical support and financial assistance to communities for research and analysis of place names, and assists the Nunavut Geographic Names Committee, which makes recommendations to the Government of Nunavut concerning official naming decisions.


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