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Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq 2022

Every year, Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq, meaning “celebration of our language,” highlights the importance of Inuit heritage and its unique traditions rooted in Inuktut. 

The Department of Culture and Heritage, in partnership with other Government of Nunavut (GN) departments, promotes several activities, including the release of multiple Inuktut literacy resources that are shared with all Nunavummiut. Celebrating Inuktut’s diverse vocabulary, our beautiful traditions and wonderful stories, proactively supports, encourages, and revitalizes the use of the many Inuktut dialects spoken across Nunavut.

This year’s theme is ‘Qaggiq’, a large igloo where Inuit gathered to celebrate brighter days. Neighbouring camps and communities came together in a Qaggiq to share food, play traditional games, drum dance and sing traditional songs.

"It’s a pleasure to celebrate Inuktut during Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq with communities across our territory. This month is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our pride in our language,” said Minister of Culture and Heritage, Joanna Quassa.” We should all do our part to not only preserve but also strengthen Inuktut. I encourage all Nunavummiut to use Inuktut at home and at work, and most importantly to share the love of our language with our children.”

This year’s highlights will include videos on the GN social media channels of Elders sharing stories about the role of Qaggiq in communities, a Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq Enter to Win contest, social media posts highlighting language advocates and educators in Nunavut, a traditional word contest including language tools, as well as activities and educational materials that draw connection to Inuit culture and language.




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Department of Education

Did you know the Department of Education has developed nearly 700 student books and teacher resources in Inuktitut, and nearly 500 student books and teacher resources in Inuinnaqtun?

Angirrami Ilinniarniq ( is an online educational resource to help families support their children’s learning at home, in their own language. There are hundreds of Inuktut, English, and French resources on the site, including books, audiobooks, animated videos, simple learning activities, and language apps.

Uqausiit Pinnguarutiit and Titirariuqsauti are fun, interactive Inuit language apps developed by the Department of Education that introduce users to Inuit language vocabulary and syllabics. These apps can be downloaded for free from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

From language nests, to lending libraries, to parent and tot groups, our Early Childhood Education Inuit Language and Culture funding promotes fluency in Inuktut and knowledge of Inuit culture in children ages 0 to 6.

The Department of Education provides funding to Ilitaqsiniq (Nunavut Literacy Council) to support the delivery of adult literacy programs. Ilitaqsiniq programs include skill development that feature both traditional and modern culture-based learning. From niqiliri (traditional culinary cultural practices), to amausiuqtitsiniq (amauti sewing), to small engine repair, and qamusiurniq (qamutik building), the series of training is tailored to life in the arctic.

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Department of Human Resources

As part of Piliriqatigiinniq/Ikajuqtigiinniq – working together for a common cause, the Government of Nunavut (GN) is committed to supporting employees to use the Inuktut Language as the working language of the public service.

The Inuktut Language Incentive Program encourages employees to use and increase their Inuktut language skills in the workplace.

Professional development training opportunities are also offered in Inuktut to GN employees. Visit the GN Training Calendar to see future training opportunities.

You can submit your resumé and cover letter to the Department of Human Resources’ staffing division in any of Nunavut’s official languages. The department encourages the use Inuktut especially during Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq, Inuktut Language Month.

Elders are often guest speakers (with interpretation) during the department’s training programs.  

Nunavummiut, let’s promote Inuktut by using it daily!


Department of Community and Government Services

Inuinnaqtun is now on Microsoft Translator!

Through collaboration between Microsoft and the GN’s Departments of Community and Government Services and Culture, we are happy to announce more exciting capabilities for the Inuktut language on the Microsoft Translator.

Inuktitut Roman Orthography
Inuktitut improved language model

It has been a year since Inuktut became available on the Microsoft Translator and the tool has already proven to be a very special and useful tool for Nunavummiut. Inuktut being introduced to the Microsoft Translator has opened up opportunities not only in the workplace but at home and in everyday life. Whether you are at home, work or in the classroom, this tool will increase access to Inuktitut for a with internet access via computer, phone, or tablet.

After a successful launch, we took public feedback into consideration when we entered phase two to enhance the tool. With our enhanced Inuktitut, and the introduction of Inuktitut Roman orthography and Inuinnaqtun, we can help increase visibility of the Inuktut language across the world. The more Inuktut speakers use it and provide input, the more the translator “learns” and increases its Inuktut skills.

“It is an honour to continue supporting the Government of Nunavut in this important work,” said Kevin Peesker, President of Microsoft Canada. “The updates to the Inuktitut language model, in direct response to feedback from the community, and the addition of Inuinnaqtun to Microsoft Translator will ensure Inuktut continues to thrive for generations to come.”

By preserving the Inuktut language through technology, we promote the use of Inuktut and make it accessible to everyone. Our supported languages, the translation capability is enabled through many Microsoft products and allows Nunavummiut to incorporate this into their daily work life easily. Get creative and share the different ways you use the Inuktut language in Microsoft Translator on social media with the hashtag #Quviasuutiqarniq, Atti!

For more information on the project, go to:

To use the  Microsoft translator go to: .  There is also the Microsoft Translator app on Android, iOS and Windows: Apps - Microsoft Translator


Thank you to all project contributors!