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Policies and Legislation


Culture and Heritage has the following Policies


This program provides grants to eligible private sector organizations operating in Nunavut that are seeking to improve their compliance with the requirements of the Inuit Languages Protection Act

Grants and Contributions Policy

Culture and Heritage’s Grants and Contributions Policy allows for a process that is accountable, easy to understand, fair, transparent and reflective of community needs that applies to non-profit community-based organizations, individuals, and municipal corporations who direct their efforts to the promotion, protection, revitalization, and preservation of Nunavut’s culture, heritage and official languages

Archives Policy

The Nunavut Archives Policy preserves and make accessible records of enduring value of the Government of Nunavut as well as those of that are significant to Nunavut’s historic and cultural heritage and applies to all Government of Nunavut departments, agencies and employees.

Geographic Names Policy

The Geographic Names Policy recognizes the importance to Inuit culture and heritage of traditional names for geographic features and supports, through official recognition, the preservation and use of these names and applies to all Government of Nunavut departments, agencies and employees.

Human Remains Policy

The Human Remains Policy ensures that any archaeological investigation or analysis of human remains or associated grave goods will be conducted in a manner that is sensitive to Nunavummiut values, ethical and scientific principles, and which complies with all applicable laws, codes of conduct, and conventions.


Culture and Heritage is guided by the following Legislation, which are found on the Statutes and Regulations website of the Department of Justice

1. Inuit Language Protection Act
2. Official Languages Act
3. Archives Act
4. Historical Resources Act
5. Historical Sites Declaration
6. Library Act
7. Nunavut Archaeological and Palaeontological Sites Regulations