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2016 Theme and Activites

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2016 Theme: Inuit Annuraaqausingit (Inuit Clothing)

The theme for Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq 2016 is Inuit Annuraaqausingit ("Inuit clothing"). Inuit clothing technology enabled our ancestors to thrive in the Arctic environment. Our traditional and new clothing designs are an important form of cultural and artistic expression, showing relationships, spirituality, and our perceptions of the world. 

Our clothing practices are closely related to our language. In Inuktut, we express the skills, knowledge, and values involved in producing clothing, including the complex processes, tools, patterns, and techniques. In Inuktut, we also express the human relationships and learning experiences that are part of our clothing traditions. 

During Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq 2016, take time to teach others and learn more about our clothing traditions and diverse Inuktut clothing terminology. Use Inuktut with children to talk about the pieces of clothing they wear. Talk with elders about their knowledge of harvesting and preparing materials, designing and making clothing, and their memories of clothing throughout their lives. Talk with people from across Nunavut about variations in clothing technology, desig

ns, and terminology in each region. 

Suggested Activities

What will you do this year? Here are some suggestions for celebrating the 2016 theme, Inuit Annuraqausingit ("Inuit clothing"): 

  • Community Radio Show – Invite elders and other knowledgeable community members to talk on local radio about Inuit clothing, including processes of preparing skins, measuring and preparing patterns, sewing, and artistic design, and their memories of making traditional clothing throughout their lives. 
  • Terminology Research – Organize a community group to record local clothing terminology and share the results at work and school, on the radio, and with local sewing groups. 
  • Fashion Show – Hold a "fashion show" to celebrate locally made clothing and everyone involved in producing clothing. Invite individuals to talk about clothing in the past and today.
  • Learn More Clothing Terminology! Encourage others to use Inuktut clothing vocabulary at home, at school, and in workplaces. Use Inuktut clothing terminology with children this month. Post a basic vocabulary list at work. 
  • Feast – Organize a community feast and invite knowledgeable community members to talk about clothing traditions and share skills, vocabulary, and stories. 
  • Skills Workshops – Host skills development workshops, such as skin preparation or mitten-making, tool-making, and support participants to learn technical vocabulary related to making clothing during the workshops. 
  • Social Media – Post photos of traditional and new clothing designs on social media. Change your profile picture to include your Inuit clothing. Use the hash tags #InuitClothing and #Annuraqausingit. 


More Activities for Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq

Here are some additional resources from the Department of Culture and Heritage that you can download and use during Uqausirmut Quviasuutiqarniq 2016. 


Iglarnaqtut! is a book of hilarious stories written by Nunavummiut. Art direction by Babah Kalluk, a graphic artist from Resolute Bay. Printed in syllabics and Roman orthography. 


Human Anatomy Glossary

Download Nunavut’s first full-colour glossary of human anatomy. It includes over 400 terms in Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, French, and English. The terms were gathered from Inuit Elders, with support from medical interpreters, translators, and health professionals in Nunavut. 


Popular Flashcards Reprinted

This year, we reprinted our popular flashcards. Includes 45 common nouns. Printed sets will be delivered to schools and libraries. Use the PDF to make your own set or as an Inuktut colouring book.


Flashcards – Daily Life

Last year, we released a set of Inuktitut flashcards with words used in daily life. 


 Raven Colouring Book


A long time ago, ravens could talk like Inuit... Enjoy reading about the adventures of young Inuit and the talking ravens in this inspiring colouring book based on a very old story. Text in Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun.    

For more information about any of these activities to or to get printed copies, contact Tocasie Burke at (867) 975-5528 or

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