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Inuktut Resources


Do you have a resource to suggest? Contact Tocasie Burke at (867) 975-5528 or


Syllabic Fonts for Inuktitut – Computer Tools 

To read syllabics on your computer, you must install a syllabics font. For more information and to download fonts, visit this information page from the Department of Culture and Heritage.

Microsoft Office in Inuktut – Free Interface

If you have an English or French version of Microsoft Office, you can turn it into an Inuktut version by installing this free program from The Pirurvik Centr. Available for Office 2003, 2007, 2010, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


Tusaalanga- Website 

Free language lessons with audio files from The Pirurvik Centre
Includes a glossary, grammar information, dialogues, practice activities, and a word-of-the-day email subscription.

Tusaalanga App (for iPad, iPhone, and iPod)

Free app with language lessons, including audio files.


  • Free Inuktitut app for iPads, iPhones, and iPods from Pinguaq. This app teaches Inuktitut through traditional songs. It displays the lyrics like a karaoke song, so you can follow along. Also provides cultural background information about each song. Original art by Jolly Atagoyuk.

IlitaqsiniqNunavut Literacy Council’s Resources Page  

  • Free language resources and activities for parents and teachers, including recipes, colouring sheets, puzzles, and a guide to making your own books by hand. 
  • Free resources for community language projects, including Unipkausivut: Building Language and Literacy Through Oral History (available in Inuktitut and English).

Puukammaluk - Bookstore

  • Download all Inhabit Media and Nunavut Bilingual Education Society books in Inuktut for free from this online store. Note: You need a credit card to access the books, but there is no charge. Puukammaluk is being rebuilt and moved to the Nunavut Bilingual Education Society’s website this year so that books can be downloaded directly without a credit card. 

Inhabit Media’s - Guides for


Free educators’ guides for Inhabit Media Inuktut books are available on the Inhabit Media website.

Nunavut Bilingual Education Society 

Inuit Myths Website
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Bilingual website by the Qikiqtani Inuit Association  with syllabics and Roman orthography.
Includes written stories, illustrations, and audio recordings of interviews with Inuit elders courtesy of CBC

Nunavut Educators  

Free resources in Inuktitut and other languages for parents and teachers. Includes many books and posters, such as Common Plants of Nunavut by Carolyn Mallory, Stories from Hall Beach by Meeka Kilabuk, and posters about animals and mythological beings.