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2014 Community Project Funding

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Community Project Funding


Every year, the Department of Culture and Heritage awards funding to community-based projects across Nunavut that contribute to protecting, preserving, and promoting Inuktut. 


Funding Available for 2014 - 2015

If you are seeking funding for an Inuktut project, consider applying to the Department of Culture and Heritage. We are seeking new project proposals (Deadline: March 31, 2014). Please call us for more information: 



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            Department of Culture and Heritage

            P.O. Box. 1000, station 800,

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List of Funded Projects for 2013-14

This past year, community groups accessed our funding to hold community meetings about language, do community language plans, document and preserve dialects, write and publish books, create and broadcast television content, and expand the use of Inuktut in digital and social media.


  • Ikajuqtigiit; Inuktitut Language Recovery and Revitalization Strategy 2013-14 (Ikajuqtigiit Society): To Teach stories to youth in Nattilingmiutut by elders from Gjoa Haven, Taloyoak and Kuugaaruk while teaching them the language in written form.
  • Uukturaujaq Proposal (Nunavut Literacy Council). 
  • Uqalimaaqtukuluit Project (Nunavut Literacy Council): To create books in Inuktitut and Inuinaqtun for children.
  • Developing the Community and Regional language Foundation (Kitikmeot Inuit Association): For language and committee training in Cambridge Bay, Kugluktuk, Taloyoak and Kuugaruk.
  • TAKUGINAI Children’s TELEVISION SERIES 2013-2014 (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation): To continue showing Takuginai, a show for children for all of Nunavut.
  • Inuktitut Language Television Programming: 2013-2014 (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation): To produce 13 episodes of Ilinniq and 13 episodes of Niqittiavak to be broadcast on APTN.
  • Child Inuktitut Literacy (Ilisaqsivik Society): To teach children in Clyde River to sing, read and write in Inuktitut.
  • Documenting and Preserving Inuit Sign Language (ISL) in Nunavut (Canadian Deafness Research and Training Institute): To preserve, promote and document Inuit Sign Language (ISL) to deaf Nunavumiutait. 
  • Inuit history and Mythology Video Game Project (Pinnguaq Association): To create the first video game based on Inuit history and mythology in Nunavut.
  • Naalaguminaqtut: Inuktitut Adventure Storybook for Nunavut Youth (Nunavut Bilingual Education Society): To develop an illustrated book in Inuktitut that reaches out to middle school aged students.
  • Lumaajuuq: Inuktitut Storybook (Nunavut Bilingual Education Society): To publish a book in Inutktitut regarding an Inuit legend called Lumaajuuq.
  • Kiviuq (by Henry Isluanik Storybook (Nunavut Bilingual Education Society): To publish a book in Inutktitut regarding an Inuit legend called Kiviuq.
  • Inuktitut Language on NITV Media Network (Nunavut Independent Television Network): To train and assist young Inuit filmmakers in 9 Nunavut communities to use NITV and IsumaTV's internet TV network to create 100 hours of Inuktitut language media.
  • Kitikmeot TV Network pilot project Phase II (Kitikmeot Inuit Association): Have TV in Inuktun in Cambridge Bay and Taloyoak.
  • The Future of Oral History: Learning Inuit Language through Digital Storytelling (Kitikmeot Heritage Society): To teach youth in Cambridge Bay stories from elders in Inuinaqtun and record them in different media i.e. video, recordings etc.
  • Regional Radio Feasibility Study and Stakeholders Workshop (Kitikmeot Inuit Association): A workshop to create a Kitikmeot regional radio station to broadcast in Inuinaqtun and Nattilingmiut to preserve the language.
  • IBC Archives - Digitization of Collection (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation): To take 9,000 hours of analog videotapes of shows from IBC from the 70's and 80's and put them in digital form to preserve them.
  • TV Nunavut Implementation Plan - Phase II (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation): To create a steering committee for the creation of TV Nunavut.
  • Inuktitut Boardbook for Very Young Readers Storybook (Nunavut Bilingual Education Society): To create a Boardbook for very young Inuktitut readers.
  • How to Build an Iglu and Qamutiik (by Solomon Awa Storybook (Nunavut Bilingual Education Society): To publish an illustrated how-to book about how to build an Iglu and qamutiik.
  • Children’s Guide to Arctic Birds (Inuktitut Book Storybook (Nunavut Bilingual Education Society): To publish an illustrated book about birds in Nunavut and how they are utilized.
  • Inuktitut Novel (Nunavut Bilingual Education Society): To publish a novel about the first interactions of Inuit and Vikings
  • Inuktitut Book about Tuniit Storybook (Nunavut Bilingual Education Society): To publish a book about Tuniit from stories collected from elders.
  • Qaggiavuut Theatre (Qaggiavuut Society for Nunavut Performing Arts): To establish a Nunavut theatre company and a drama writing workshop to be performed in Inuktitut.
  • Inuktitube (App for iPad for Inuktitut Video Content (Pinnguaq Association): Adding Inuktitut for a game in iPad.
  • Kinguvaashaliuqtut (Kinguvaashaliuqtut Language Society): To have elders in Talyoak, gjoa Haven and Kuugaruk meet and work on terminology og Nattilingmiut.
  • Alianait Arts Festival and Concerts - 2013-2014 (Alianait Entertainment Group): To continue the festival for 2013 with 15 performances and 25 workshops.
  • Songbird iPad app - phase II (Pinnguaq Association): To add 5 more songs to be available in iPad in Inuktitut with artwork.