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Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution - Igloolik

Fundamental Insights for Dealing with Demanding People/Situations
“Of all the decisions a Manager makes, none are as important as the decisions about people.

THEY determine the performance capacity of the organization." - Peter F. Drucker

It’s been suggested that at least 50% of the work population are relaxed, modest, team players who finding it quite challenging to deal with more aggressive, demanding people/situations. There is a need for everyone to feel confident and respected and not to be pushed into decisions they disagree with. This session will help you to understand the options that help you to deal more assertively with demanding people, as well as providing an alternative to aggressive behaviour.  We will help you to create a positive action plan to deal with the situations which you might expect to encounter.


Presented by Dave Neely – Performance Management Consultants


Who Should Attend

. Anyone who often becomes quiet and passive when  
  dealing with demanding customers and colleagues

. People who become aggressive in stressful situations

. People who are shy in new social situations


What You Will Learn
This session will help you to understand the basics of assertiveness and will help you to:

.  Improve your ability to Say No when it is in your best interest.

. Improve your ability to deal with  criticism

. Reduce stress, lessen miscommunication with others

. Improve teamwork and collaboration on the job from your better ability to deal with demanding people

. Improve your social interactions


Your Workshop Leader

Dave Neely is a Kingston-based training consultant.  He

spent 18 years with IBM Canada in the Customer Service Department. In his role as an IBM trainer, he delivered Assertiveness Training to Customer Service Reps. He has delivered Customized Training Seminars since 1987. He has delivered Emotional Intelligence sessions in Iqaluit, Cambridge Bay and Rankin Inlet. You will enjoy his passion and enthusiasm.


Unique Workshop Feature

Insights to SuccessTM – A personal self-awareness tool which provides individual behavioural insights. This online

report is a 23 page written assessment which is designed

to help you to understand your strengths and motivation. This understanding provides the foundation for your journey to be more assertive with others


Workshop Content – 2 days

Introduction - What are the specific situations where you need to be more assertive?
Behavioural Styles – Understanding yourself

The Behavioural Model, Individual assessments, how you act under stress

5 Emotional Intelligence Competencies

Staying positively focused

Your Right to be Assertive

Your Bill of 15 Rights of Assertiveness

Video – “The Art of Assertiveness”

Three Options for Behaviour
Feeling guilty
Application to Case Studies

Application to our Specific Situations
Dealing with Conflict

Video and Discussion
5 Conflict Strategies

Summary and Action Plan


Participant Comments

very informative and valuable, you have a way of getting everyone comfortable and participative
Dave, you made my week, have never been to a seminar like this
the energy was great, there was never a dull moment
down to earth explanations with real life situations, thanks for everything.
Dave took our real situations as the case studies, made it much more meaningful
Loved the real life examples

Start Date: 
Monday, November 18, 2013
End Date: 
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
GN Boardroom
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Josephine Gillespie
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Friday, November 1, 2013
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