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Assertive Approach to Managing Conflict


Learning Objectives:

Participants gain insight into their responses and behaviours, and learn methods to appropriately express thoughts, feelings and needs. Responsiveness to others is a key concept, while incorporating skills in approachability and active listening, to more from “win-lose” or “lose-lose” to “win-win”. Participants will learn enhanced teamwork, reduced need to complain, manipulate and backstab, reduced conflict, self-awareness of behavioural /communications styles.

Course Content:

First Time Managers


The objective of this training is to allow middle managers to acquire and refine the people-management knowledge and competencies they need to effectively carry out their functions.  Middle managers play a special role because they represent a key management level in the organizational framework and are in direct contact with a large number of employees with highly varied tasks and responsibilities.  They must learn to develop the personal qualities that will enable them to motivate employees to attain the organizational objectives.  In addition, middle managers must work closely with senio

Minute Taking for Better Meetings - Videoconference


Meetings are an important part of the group decision-making process. With today’s flatter, less hierarchical organizations, one week you could be asked to chair a meeting and the next week to record the minutes. Minutes are a record of the group’s decisions and action items and it is vital that they are clear, concise and accurate. This seminar helps participants to understand the full range of their role and responsibilities as Minute Takers, to work effectively with the Chair and to produce agendas and minutes in a variety of styles – formal, informal and action.

Writing Effective Briefing Notes - Videoconference - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


Briefing notes are an essential means for staff to inform, advise, and influence the decision-making process in public and private sector organizations.

This workshop uses practical exercises to develop skills in writing effective briefing notes. You will learn techniques for planning, drafting, summarizing complex information, improving your writing skills, and editing.

The workshop is highly interactive with frequent opportunities to receive feedback. Participants are also invited to bring samples of their work for review by the instructor.

Report Writing - Videoconference - NEW DATES


Do your business proposals succeed? Do your reports influence decision-making? Do you need help organizing and clarifying your thinking? Would you like to produce clear, persuasive business proposals and reports that get results – in half the time?

This one-day workshop will help you produce powerful reports and winning proposals in significantly less time. Obtain planning techniques, guidelines for writing clearly, grammatically and concisely, and tips for increasing impact and persuasiveness.

Community Health Nurse

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