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Update on the Baker Lake fuel tank spill

20 July 2021

Public Service Announcement

Update on the Baker Lake fuel tank spill

The Department of Community and Government Services (CGS) wishes to provide the residents of Baker Lake with an update on the gasoline spill announced on April 22.

The environmental response team has determined that the spill originated from two sources at the fuel tank farm. Leaks were identified at the supply pipe drain valve of Tank 5 and the main valve of Tank 2. These valves have been replaced.

Eight of the nine fuel tanks have now passed inspection and have been re-certified to the relevant standard. Repairs are still required for the remaining tank and will be completed in the coming days. No tanks were found to be leaking.

The ongoing work to clean up the site is progressing well. Repairs have been made to the liner of the protective berms surrounding the tank farm to re-establish the liner’s integrity and ensure that any future spills are contained. A wall to stop the movement of hydrocarbons is in place. The response team continues to remove and store contaminated soil and water in two temporary containment cells and the collection and treatment of impacted water to remove hydrocarbons is ongoing.

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited has provided support by taking several tankers of impacted water to its own site for treatment, as well as providing the response team with machinery and liner material. Sampling to-date continues to show that the spill has not extended into Baker Lake and the risk of doing so is low.

The environmental response team is set to complete site remediation work in the fall, with monitoring continuing into 2023. Weekly situational updates are being provided to the Mayor and Senior Administrative Officer and additional information will be provided to the public, as and when necessary.


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Aramide (Lola) Owoaje
Manager, Policy and Legislation
Community and Government Services