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New website to create awareness on energy use

19 August 2021

Public Service Announcement

New website to create awareness on energy use

The Department of Community and Government Services (CGS) has launched a new website to introduce Atuttiarniq, a program that aims to reduce Nunavut’s greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs in government buildings across the territory.

The purpose of the new website is to create awareness about the rational use of energy in Nunavut, with a goal of reducing the territory’s overall energy footprint. It includes extensive information on the range of efforts undertaken by CGS, including the more than $62 million in investments throughout the territory over a period of over 10 years.

Once complete, the Atuttiarniq program is expected to have cut the equivalent of over 4,200 tonnes of CO2 annually, which is equal to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by 900 cars during a year. This will be in addition to energy conservation upgrades to be implemented through the duration of the project.

The website, created in partnership with MCW Custom Energy Solutions, will be updated regularly as new energy conservation and other environmentally friendly solutions are put into effect throughout Nunavut.

To learn more about Atuttiarniq or to discover more about energy conservation within the territory, visit


Media Contact:

Maurice Fontaine
Communications Specialist
Community and Government Services