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Services to Communities


CGS provides services and support to communities and municipal governments across Nunavut as well as core services to Government of Nunavut departments. 



Community Development

Community Development provides training and development opportunities to municipal council members and staff, and also monitors and evaluates municipal operations. This support aids community development by fostering self-reliance through initiatives that develop the capacity of communities to operate services.


Community Infrastructure

The mandate of the Community Infrastructure division is to secure and allocate both GN and federal funds for community infrastructure projects. The division must do so in an equitable, fair and transparent manner, balancing both community needs and regulatory requirements.


Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs assists the Nunavut communities and members of the general public with concerns they encounter in the area of consumer services.


Municipal Training Organization

The Nunavut Municipal Training Organization (MTO) is a non-profit society formed as a partnership between the Nunavut Association of Municipal Administrators (NAMA) and the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Community and Government Services (CGS).

MTO’s mandate is to identify, develop, and implement programs to provide municipal staff with skills and knowledge that can contribute to excellence in municipal program and service delivery across the territory of Nunavut.

For more information about training opportunities, please visit the Nunavut Municipal Training Organization website:


Nunavut Emergency Management 

Nunavut Emergency Management is responsible for the Emergency Measures Organization and the support of Search and Rescue operations throughout Nunavut. 


Planning and Lands

Planning and Lands provides technical and financial resources to communities for land use planning.


Safety Services

Protection Services is responsible for the Office of the Fire Marshal and building technical standards/safety inspections. These services include review of building plans and inspection of facilities to ensure they comply with various fire safety and mechanical /electrical codes. Inspection Services are provided to the public and private sector. The division is responsible for the implementation of the Fire Prevention Strategy. Training opportunities are provided to volunteers, who in turn provide emergency and firefighting services throughout Nunavut.


Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation is responsible for the promotion, development and delivery of amateur sport, recreation and physical activity opportunities for all Nunavummiut. Sport and Recreation’s clients include registered territorial sport/recreation organizations, community sport clubs, volunteer organizations and municipal corporations.

Department of Community and Government Services
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