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Rankin Inlet

Assistant Fire Marshal

This is a Highly Sensitive Position and a satisfactory Criminal Record Check, along with a clear Vulnerable Sector Check is required.

This employment opportunity is open to all applicants.

Positions are available in Cape Dorset (1) and Rankin Inlet (1), Nunavut. Please specify in your cover letter your location preference.

Administrative Assistant

As per HRM Directive 518, this employment opportunity is restricted to Nunavut Inuit only.

Reporting to the Executive Director, Kivalliq. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing efficient and consistent delivery of administrative support within the department. This position ensures the effective operation of clerical duties, coordination of invoices, and that other office work/processes are prioritized and referred to the proper authority.

Conflict Resolution - VIDEOCONFERENCE



The purpose of this 1-day workshop is to help participants understand that conflict is the normal outgrowth of the diversity that characterizes how each of us deal with stressful situations.


Participants will examine conflict management strategies, learn about factors that affect conflict resolution, and review popular but inffective approaches to conflict resolution. These will all act as a stepping-off point to establishing positive change, examining the positive aspects of conflict, and moving forward.



Performance Management



As a supervisor, it is important to understand how to share responsibilities, establish challenging and realistic goals for your employees, and how to comminicate performance in a positive way. This 3-day workshop will outline the process of performance management, its implications, and conditions for success. 


Key elements which will be covered will include:

- why performance should be managed

- requirements to be effective

- specified expectations (SMART objectives)

- daily performance

- assessment interviews

Minute-Taking / Administrative Skills - VIDEOCONFERENCE




This half-day workshop will introduce various techniques that are useful in taking minutes accurately and quickly in various settings, formal and informal. It will cover elements such as the role and responsibilities of the minute-taker, skills needed (listening & questioning), how to prepare before the meeting, and how to write up and distribute the minutes after the meeting.


Administrative Skills

Dealing with Difficult Coversations



This 2-day workshop will provide the participants with the practical skills and tools to handle situations whether or not he/she has positional authority. Everyone encounters difficult behaviour and learning how to deal with each one effectively is essential in today's work environment.


Course content includes:

- learning how to mobilize others towards achieving organizational results

- identifying types of perceptions and their impact on behaviour

- using communication techniques in order to diffuse difficult situations